Centre Escolar Empordà


Firts Cycle of Nursery Education

During the first cycle of Nursery Education we work globally. The children themselves learn and discover about the world around them individually, whereas the adult plays a supporting role, making them feel confident, helping them, and providing material in different situations to stimulate and enrich their growing process.

The children will get to know themselves, will be aware of their abilities and will eventually grow up. At the same time they will discover the natural and social environment around them, by interacting, observing, comparing... Using different communication skills (oral, musical, artistic and mathematic languages), the children will be able to recognise and manipulate the real world surrounding them.

We use Dr. Glenn Doman’s accelerated learning method: bits (information bits), classical music, pedagogical walks and psychomotor gymnastics.

English is taught from the first cycle onwards, to convey familiar knowledge in three weekly sessions of thirty-five minutes each, with a native teacher. French is taught daily, using bits, vocabulary and songs.

There are two weekly sessions of half an hour each of ITC, in which they learn how to use the Interactive Digital Board drawing.

There are also different role play corners, where the children learn while playing roles in different everyday situations. These roleplays foster autonomy and self-responsibility combining playing and learning.