Centre Escolar Empordà



Centre Escolar Empordà is a parental association founded in 1973 by a group of parents and teachers, concerned about the education of their children and students. In April 1974 the educational staff of Centre d’Estudis Professionals Sant Josep joined in the project.

Currently, the school provides all the different levels of education, ranging from Kindergarden, Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and Vocational Studies. Nursery, Primary and Compulsory Secondary Education benefit from Catalan state funds which partly subsidize  the students’ fee.

The main aim of Centre Escolar Empordà is to form our students to become creative and responsible people, intellectually motivated and capable of working autonomously. We expect them to develop their abilities and critical awareness as much as they can, following present society’s demand for highly qualified people, eager for self improvement at all levels.

The values on which our association is based are, amongst others, autonomy, responsibility and personal effort, always within a frameworK of respectfulness, solidarity and coexistence.

Our association is part of a globalized world which is highly competitive and constantly changing. Its growing complexity requires every educator to be willing to attend continuous training courses, in order to innovate and adapt themselves to the new teaching situations and methods.