Centre Escolar Empordà


Association of Parents of Students

The AMPA (Association of Parents of Students) is a new entity in our school, yet with a steady work methodology which matches the particular policy of the school, which is a parental association. One of the advantages of being a member of AMPA is that their children have free access to the educational platform BONES NOTES (Good Marks), which enables them to do exercises online of most of the subjects (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Maths, Physics and Chemistry), from 1st of Primary up to 2nd of Batxillerat.

AMPA holds two annual assemblies so as to find out about the main concerns of the families, which are then passed on to the Team of Directors and the School Board.

Moreover, all the students who graduate in Primary, Secondary, Non-Compulsory Scondary and Vocational Education are given a token by AMPA.

We are constantly in touch with the Board of Trustees and the School Council of the school, to work together to make our school better.

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